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This section and the resources available are designed to support you in your decision making and help you implement new and existing medicine policy.

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Resources to support you with your decision making and implementation of EYLEA (aflibercept) 8 mg for the treatment of neovascular (wet) age-related macular degeneration in adults and the treatment of visual impairment due to diabetic macular oedema in adults.


EYLEA 8 mg represents a line extension from the currently available EYLEA 2 mg dose.

NICE has determined that a new technology appraisal is therefore not required.


As it is a line extension, implementation of EYLEA 8 mg may differ between local health systems. This page contains resources to support your formulary update activities across a range of likely scenarios:

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Here you will find an interactive PDF based on the EYLEA 8 mg SMPC and further information on PHOTON and PULSAR trials and budgetary impact.

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Abbreviated version for Line extension applications. This will also include budgetary impact information.


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All of the information you might require regarding pack size, storage, how to use can be found here.


Reporting adverse events and quality complaints

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Adverse events should also be reported to Bayer plc.

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